Hippo Video: AI-Powered Video Platform for GTM Teams
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Go from Text to Video in minutes!

Unleash the power of AI Avatars to elevate your content game

A video-first revenue enablement platform for GTM Teams

Elevate communication, amplify engagement, and maximize conversions using AI-powered personalized videos at every stage of the customer journey.

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Videos for all customer-facing teams

Supercharge engagement and delight your audience


Stand out, connect better with prospects, and close deals faster with personalized video outreach.

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Save valuable time & qualify leads faster by automating low-value demos.

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Customer Success

Engage and retain customers better with a video-first approach.

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Customer Support

Resolve issues faster and enhance customer satisfaction with videos.

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Sales Enablement

Ramp up sales teams faster and set them up for success with engaging video content.

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Trusted by 5000+ businesses and 1.5 million+ users around the world

Video platform designed for easier, faster video creation

Meet AI Avatars: Instant Videos, Zero Effort.

Experience the ease of video creation without the recording hassle with AI Avatars. In just a few clicks, transform your script into a refined video within minutes, allowing you to save valuable time and effort and prioritize your essential tasks. 

Avatar Features

  • Script Personalisation
  • Voice Cloning
  • 250 voice options
  • 140+ International languages
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Generate video scripts instantly with AI

Eliminate the struggle of contemplating what to say in each video. Generate video scripts instantly by entering prompts, enabling you to craft engaging narratives and articulate them with clarity and impact.

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Fast-track video recording with ready-made templates

Craft personalized videos for any scenario in just a few clicks from a vast collection of pre-designed templates. Say goodbye to the hassle of redoing videos from scratch, and hello to video creation made simple.

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Hippo Video works seamlessly with your favourite tools.

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